It’s always easy to see the things we want but it’s important to see the things we have besides happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate the blessings they already have.. 

I am bless more than millions who suffer in their lives with such difficulties, problems, lack of food, lack of peace, living in war of terror, born in vielonce,but I am bless I truly am 😦 and sometimes I take things for  granted.:( 

I must say THANKS to ALMIGHTY/CREATOR/GOD For every blessings for every moment in my life for loving parents,blissful independent homeland,four season of weather, firm faith, religion,freedom,beautiful siblings,our own big wide house,food,water,fresh air,friends,teacher,higher education,for pets for money for every breath for every thing :)💞🌼🌈❄🌹💐🌺🍁 “AL-HUMDU-LILLAH ( “All praise is due to God alone” )

Good morning from my side to all of you beautiful and kind people around the globe 

May ALLAH bless us all 🙂

Have a nice day everyone

#thought of the #day#blog#Pakistan 


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