⏩Simple&easy”effective tips for winter makeup”⏪

⏩Simple&easy”effective tips for winter makeup”⏪

​💕⏩Effective Tips for Winter Makeup⏩💕


●Winter makeup tips During winters it is normal for skin to become dry and flaky due to the cold winds.

●exfoliation keeps your face smooth during winter.

●moisturizing your skin with one of your favourite moisturizer or @mustelapk “baby moisturizer”(dermatologically tested)

●Use @gonaturalpakistan rose water as a toner(perfect for your skin)

●apply @masarratmakeup foundation for best results or any of your favourite ones.

●blush your cheeks according to guide.

●use any vibrant+glowing lipstick for creating natural winter look.

●Apply matte eyeliner for gorgeous impression.

●apply mascara but not thick one. 

Hope you enjoy and follow these simple tips for creating perfect winter look. 



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