Honest Review

Honest Review

08-12-2017(Friday night) ☕🌷💕

It’s almost winter here and we all know that our skin needs little more extra nourishment and gentle care because of a dryness of the weather.

First you need a good nourishing and moisturizing cream. 

What if I told you there is a perfect moisturizing cream @hemaniherbalpk @wbstores.pk with super active saviour ingredients “black seed” for your winter regimes. 

KEY INGREDIENTS as vitamin E and extract of black seeds 💕these two gives you moist, soft and fragrant feel throughout the whole winter. 

I’m actually using this for the very first time and I’m  loving it I’ve learnt quickly its smooth finish,texture is light weight and easily absorbed after a few pats.

Leaves a natural moisture no chipchip etc. 

You can use this as a moisturizer before putting makeup on. ..comes with very fine packaging and amount of the product is 150g.

Scented like mild kind of baby products. 

Easily wearable no irritation.

The whole jar is enough for you for the whole winter as a hand, foot and a face cream. 

Price:550 PKR. .



You don’t need anything like makeup fixing spray, toner etc

If you can just buy this 100% natural and organic rosewater spray by @hemaniherbalpk 

Comes with very nice packaging spray bottle contain 120ml. 

With a very affordable price just 135PKR. 

As compared to other brands @hemaniherbalpk offers you a very affordable natural rose water spray. 

You can spray on your face, neck before using this @hemaniherbalpk moisturizing cream. 

It gives you a great results.


Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed. 

more products review update will be soon so stay connected.. .

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