Honest Review

Honest Review

08-12-2017(Friday night) ☕🌷💕

It’s almost winter here and we all know that our skin needs little more extra nourishment and gentle care because of a dryness of the weather.

First you need a good nourishing and moisturizing cream. 

What if I told you there is a perfect moisturizing cream @hemaniherbalpk @wbstores.pk with super active saviour ingredients “black seed” for your winter regimes. 

KEY INGREDIENTS as vitamin E and extract of black seeds 💕these two gives you moist, soft and fragrant feel throughout the whole winter. 

I’m actually using this for the very first time and I’m  loving it I’ve learnt quickly its smooth finish,texture is light weight and easily absorbed after a few pats.

Leaves a natural moisture no chipchip etc. 

You can use this as a moisturizer before putting makeup on. ..comes with very fine packaging and amount of the product is 150g.

Scented like mild kind of baby products. 

Easily wearable no irritation.

The whole jar is enough for you for the whole winter as a hand, foot and a face cream. 

Price:550 PKR. .



You don’t need anything like makeup fixing spray, toner etc

If you can just buy this 100% natural and organic rosewater spray by @hemaniherbalpk 

Comes with very nice packaging spray bottle contain 120ml. 

With a very affordable price just 135PKR. 

As compared to other brands @hemaniherbalpk offers you a very affordable natural rose water spray. 

You can spray on your face, neck before using this @hemaniherbalpk moisturizing cream. 

It gives you a great results.


Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed. 

more products review update will be soon so stay connected.. .

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Honest review 

Honest review 

Good evening beauties. 

Hope you all having an amazing day today.. For todays post I’m going to be doing a review on “Ion enhancer with wannabe aqua fit mask”by @leegeehaam_global 

This ion beauty enhancer is a very new to me this is the very first time that I’m aware of this technology in skincare purposes and it makes me surprise. .


Its called iontophoresis treatment which @leegeehaam_global

Provides you With a perfect combination of wannabe fit masks. .



Beauty is clever:”YES IT IS”Leegeehaam provides the perfect combination of advanced dermatological techniques with natural ingredients, to offer a healthy and effective cosmeceutic.

💮🌼Created by 3 dermatologists (Mr Lee, Hi & Ham), Leegeehaam (ex Lee Jiham) is the Korea’s first cosmeceutical brand since 2000.

An expertise provided in 11 South-Korean skin clinics and extended in natural, gentle skin care lines.

🇰🇷🇰🇷 They create a remarkable beauty device that can gives better results for all skin types. .

THIS beauty device comes with a wannabe fit mask 💕AQUA



im using aqua fit mask for now which contain these two key ingredients VITAMIN B5 and HYALURONIC ACID which offers you a deep moisture . 

These two natural moisturizing factor gives you a long lasting hydrating skin.

Size of the mask is 33ml and with a natural fragrant essence. 

Easily wearable during skincare routine. 


..1. Arrange skin with toner after cleansing.

2. Place the mask over the face except eye and mouth areas.

3. Leave on for 10~20 minutes and remove.

4. Gently pat the remaining essence.

5. Wear this headband “ionenhancer” and set the device according to your skin types.

RED🔴for super sensitive oily skin types

BLUE 🔵for medium sensitive skin

PURPLE💜for dry skin.


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Honest review

Honest review

Good noon everyone hope you all doing well and having an amazing day. 

For today’s post I’m going to be review these 




by @skin18com 🇰🇷🇵🇰




Olive can soothes, moisturizing your skin and provides a protection from the external environment like pollution, dirt, bacteria etc. .

Keeps your skin moist and make it elastic. .

This foodaholic “olive natural essence sheet mask”makes your skin soft and glowy with this special ingredient “olive extract”



wash your face, apply your daily routine toner or spray rose water on your face. .

Match the sheet from the eye and place it fix than pet this sheet with your fingertips but be “GENTLE”


Settle it 10-15 minutes than wipe it off. .

IT SAYS if you can use it regularly 1 or 3 times a week you will get better results on your skin.


So why not give it a try as we knew natural and organic products are the best. .


Packaging “cute”

Scented “fresh”

23g–product weight 

Made in Korea. 

thank you for reading.. @skin18com thank you for letting me in.






Honest review

Honest review

🌷🌷It’s nighttime routine skincare time so why not reviewing these beauties for you guys. 🌹I’ve received these two “Exfoliating serum and Hydrating nutrient mist by @madhippieskinproducts almost a half and a month ago since than I’m using these two as in a nighttime skincare routine and I’m 100% satisfying with its results. 🌸No acne, no rash, no hyper pigmentation, no skin irritation, nothing at all that can cause bad effects on skin. 💮The texture of the serum is so light weight and easily absorbing.

🏵This exfoliating serum contain Alpha hydroxy acids, apple stem cells, and gigawhite meaning 100% natural and organic. 🌸All three gives you a clean clear spotless skin without any irritation or side effects.

I feel my dark circles reduced and this serum makes my skin, clearer soft and hydrating.💕

🌺🌹🏵💮HYDRATING NUTRIENT MIST.. super fresh mist so far clear your black lines under eyes, nose, and sides of the lips and uper lips. 💮With hesperidin and sodium PCA it actually helps me to make my skin more cleare and fair.

Scent of the product is so natural that you can easily wore no allergy at all. .




Massage into dry clean skin every night. 🌹Massage spray into clean skin on the face, neck, chest, arms and other photodamged areas. .

IN MY OPINION.. these are the best, light wieght serum and mist so far. 

If you can try them you will not regret it because they are 100% cruelty free and organic natural products made from fruits and flowers. 

Hope you liked them too. 

Thank you for reading.. Have a good night..



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CLOVE OIL”miracles “

CLOVE OIL”miracles “

Evening everyone 🇵🇰 for today’s post I’m going to be sharing this amazing dental care natural medicine “clove oil” by @hemaniherbalpk
Why you need this??
Lets have a look at CLOVE OIL benefits for your “dental care”and other health issues as well.

The health benefits of clove oil can be attributed to its antimicrobial, antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral, aphrodisiac, and stimulating properties. This oil is used for treating a variety of health issues including skin issues, toothache, indigestion, cough, asthma, headache, stress, and blood impurities.

People have been using this antibiotic organic medicine since ages you can call it its an ancient ritual for health purposes.
The bottle contain 10ml oil.
Packaging ↪super cute and easy to handle↪
Isn’t that great?  A bottle with fill such miraculous agents with such affordable price.
Add this beauty to your daily care routine it’ll be great.
Hope you enjoyed reading.
Thank you..
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Note: not a paid post. 



안녕하세요(good evening) 🇰🇷🇵🇰


@skin18com ⏺

PEARL Dermal collagen essence mask

it says moisturizing *convergence*brightening. 

Well!! Beauties I think this mask contain a huge amount of moisturizing essence which actually offering your skin more nutrition and instant brightening. 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

This sheet mask contain pearl powder which holds remarkable effective agents that can help you to keep your skin fresh and bright. ⏩

Containing Vitamin E and Collagen providing you a perfect glow and elasticity for your skin. ↪Final thoughts ⬅

Rating ****

➡Quality ••good••

Packaging {{perfect}} Smells⚛gorgeous⚛




My night time routine for skincare 

My night time routine for skincare 



Lets start with a very first step and that is clean my face with a regular facewash or soap. 

Wet my face with a clean towel””be very gentle cos your skin is very delicate and if you want it to be perfect than treat your skin with gentle care””. 

⏺second step➡[[using EXFOLIATING SERUM contain alpha hydroxy acids, apple stem cells & gigawhite by @madhippieskinproducts

Which is absolutely amazing

⏺Third step➡[[spray on my face and neck with this HYDRATING NUTRIENT MIST contain hesperidin and sodium PCA by @madhippiesskinproducts 

And these both are my very favourite and satisfying product since its arrive I’m really happy with the light texture serum and mist{{detailed review will be next on my blog}}

Using NIVEA as a hand and foot cream by @nivea and this blue tin magical box my absolute favourite since very long.. 

Last step applying this wonderful soft texture non fragrant beeswax lip balm by @oriflame which is super amazing not just for your lips but also for your wounds. 

Especially like cuts and scratches the healing process of this beeswax contain balm is super miraculous. 

So girls this is my night routine for skincare purpose hope you enjoyed it. 

Thank you for reading and have a happy healthy skin 🙏💋